The Dream

I started out like most small businesses do. Upset at the status quo, driven to make a change, and desperate to fulfill a dream. It started with a simple question; Why are all driving clubs fixated on offering an escape from the people we are closest to? I hear things like, no wives, no girlfriends, no family members, and no kids at virtually every driving event. What a silly thing to say in my opinion. See, I think there’s something to be said about seeing a husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, behind the wheel and driving together.

It makes me think back to a Member’s event day I attended at New Jersey Motorsports Park a few seasons ago. There was this couple, husband and wife with I’m sure many grandchildren and they both drove matching Porsche GT4’s, one electric blue, the other canary yellow. I remember when I first saw them talking to each other, my initial reaction was of how nice it was that his wife was there supporting her husband. In the next moment, she gave him a kiss, and hopped into her car. My jaw hit to floor needless to say. I couldn’t get over how amazing it was to see a husband and wife, a grandfather and grandmother, enjoying a track day event together.

It led me to want to encourage and promote a quality of Family and Inclusiveness in every event I organize. A core values that defines Got Track Motorsports is that wives, girlfriends, family, or kids should always be at our events. Everyone is welcome in the Got Track Motorsports Family!

The Mission

The mission is simple. I strive to provide the safest, most fun, and educational family friendly events to motorsports enthusiasts of all skill levels. My desire is to ensure that each and every person who attends my organized events, leaves feeling like they have become a better and safer driver. The goal is to leave the ego at the gate and learn the basic principles of racing that will allow you to explore your full driving potential.

Education and Safety are the key values that I try to instill in all of Got Track Motorsports driving events. Every person started out as a beginner at some point in time. The mission is to help each other become the best driver’s we can possibly be. All our instructors are chosen by proven merit and the attitude they hold towards others.

This creates the highest amount of safety while teaching drivers that the absolute best performance modification you can make is in their own driving skill!

The Passion

Passion, in my opinion, is something that grows over time and only strengthens with repeated exposure. My passion for motorsports started with a racing simulator that was cutting edge for its time, Gran Turismo. I know, I know, typical millennial thing to say, right? My passion started with a video game that taught me about all kinds of different things. Different Makes & Models to the differences between AWD, RWD, & FWD cars. It set in motion what has become a lifetime of love towards motorsports.

The important thing is that my connection to motorsports has always been rooted in Fun. Everything was centered around becoming a better driver by pushing yourself and the cars to the absolute limits of their ability. Because of this, Got Track Motorsports events will always be as fun and enjoyable as possible!

So welcome to Got Track Motorsports family and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Drive fast, Drive safe, and have the most fun you can possibly have! See you on the racetrack!


Most frequent questions and answers

We are open to all makes and model vehicles (including SUV’s)! Even newer model convertibles are allowed at the NYST venue. We also allow open-wheel builds as well! If you are not sure if your car qualifies, please reach out and ask!

Absolutely! Friends and family members are allowed to spectate FREE of charge. You can even bring your kids! However, friends and family who wish to drive must register for a slot in the event and must attend all required safety meetings!

Coaches are provided FREE of charge to all beginners! Coaches will ride shotgun and assist the driver in learning the venue and the driving line. A formal classroom session and track walk are also required for all first-time drivers!

Yes! We book a professional photography and videography team for every event. They utilize a combination of drone, on track footage, and in car footage to create amazing work! These photos and videos are provided FREE of charge to all event participants. 

Each participant must bring with them our self-tech inspection sheet filled out by a certified mechanic. We recommend having your vehicle checked out before and after every event! Check out sponsor page for shops that we routinely work with!

Comfortable clothing! Specifically, long pants, closed toed shoes, and a sweat shirt. Sometimes it’s cold up there! You will also need a SNELL 2010 rated racing helmet. Rentals are available for a fee if you do not have a helmet.

The event must go on! We do not cancel or reschedule for poor weather conditions. As such we recommend keeping an eye on the weather forecast the week prior and adjusting the tires on your vehicle as needed! 

Unfortunately, we have a NO REFUND policy so please do your best to ensure your schedule is clear for the event! However, we will always do our best to work with you so please reach out if the need to cancel does arise.