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Venue Details

New York Safety Track - (NYST)


Event Details

Hours of Operation

The track opens formally at 7:00am. Driver’s must arrive prior to the MANDATORY driver’s briefing. The event goes live at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm. Track gates close at 6:00pm

(3) - Driving Groups

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. All drivers are assigned by skill level and familiarity/experience with the venue. Mid-Event advancement opportunities are available at all skill levels.

(7) - Driving Sessions

Each driving session is (20) minutes long. There are (3) per hour starting from the top of the hour. This totals more than 2+ hours of track time. Make sure to stay hydrated!

Event Size

Each event is limited to (50) cars maximum. This allows for a safe event with a low enough car count to ensure adequate spacing on track. Don’t cause a Traffic Jam and always give a point by!


Coaches are provided FREE of charge to first time attendees of our events. All beginners must also attend the MANDATORY track walk and classroom instructional sessions.


Photography and Videography are provided to event participants at no extra charge! Lunch is also included! 

Speed Safety Fun Family

We love what we do and so should you. If you are ready to join us click below to sign up for the next event. 

What to Bring


We recommend SNELL 2010 rated helmets and better for our events. However, NYST allows full-face motorcycle helmets as well. If you do not have a helmet, ones are available for rent for an additional fee.

Proper Clothing

Long pants. Closed-toed shoes. Please ensure that you bring comfortable clothing to the event. Racing shoes and racing gloves are absolutely encouraged, but not required.

Tech Inspection Form

You MUST have your Tech Inspection Form filled out and certified by your mechanic or yourself if you are technically competent to do so. You are ALWAYS responsible for the well-being of your vehicle.

An Open Mind

Leave your ego at the gate and come ready to learn! The goal of all our events is to ensure you have the most fun possible while also learning to become a better driver.

Re-Live Each Turn

Featured Testimonial

Got Track

We live to provide amazing driving experiences to every person who attends our events. One of the most rewarding parts of this business is hearing all the fantastic things people say about us. So take a look at one of our favorite testimonials we’ve ever gotten.

" This was the best day of my life. That includes the day I married my wife, and the births of my children. Please feel free to use this review in all your marketing materials, but kindly note the author as (anonymous). "

- for the sake of his life (Anonymous)

So What's The Price?

Prices vary depending on when and what event you register for. The best choice is always to register early while prices are lowest and the events have space!


greater than 30 days from event
$ 350
per Event


less than 30 days from event
$ 375
per Event


Marriott Hotel

116 Courtyard Dr, Oneonta, NY 13820
Call (607) 432-2200 and mention Got Track or code GTAS for Group Rate
Book early to make sure you get a room!

Holiday Inn Hotel

141 Courtyard Dr, Oneonta, NY 13820

Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel

225 River St, Oneonta, NY 13820

If you have any questions please check out the FAQ section below


Most frequent questions and answers

We are open to all makes and model vehicles (including SUV’s)! Even newer model convertibles are allowed at the NYST venue. We also allow open-wheel builds as well! If you are not sure if your car qualifies, please reach out and ask!

Absolutely! Friends and family members are allowed to spectate FREE of charge. You can even bring your kids! However, friends and family who wish to drive must register for a slot in the event and must attend all required safety meetings!

Coaches are provided FREE of charge to all beginners! Coaches will ride shotgun and assist the driver in learning the venue and the driving line. A formal classroom session and track walk are also required for al first-time drivers!

Yes! We book a professional photography and videography team for every event. They utilize a combination of drone, on track footage, and in car footage to create amazing work! These photos and videos are provided FREE of charge to all event participants. 

Each participant must bring with them our self-tech inspection sheet filled out by a certified mechanic. We recommend having your vehicle checked out before and after every event! Check out sponsor page for shops that we routinely work with!

Comfortable clothing! Specifically, long pants, closed toed shoes, and a sweat shirt. Sometimes it’s cold up there! You will also need a SNELL 2010 rated racing helmet. Rentals are available for a fee if you do not have a helmet.

The event must go on! We do not cancel or reschedule for poor weather conditions. As such we recommend keeping an eye on the weather forecast the week prior and adjusting the tires on your vehicle as needed! 

Unfortunately, we have a NO REFUND policy so please do your best to ensure your schedule is clear for the event! However, we will always do our best to work with you so please reach out if the need to cancel does arise. 

On-Board Video

Watch on-board video from a 2018 AMG GTR run a lap around New York Safety Track. Key into and watch the braking and acceleration zones on this fast paced lap of 1 minute and 35 seconds. Every car and every driver is different. The goal is to develop a familiarity and comfortability with your own driving skills and the capability of the car. 


For any inquiries please email